nüfolk is a collective of dedicated artists with a passion to create and curate stories through filmmaking and photography. We value brave thinking because bravery evokes an emotional response. When audiences connect to a brand in a meaningful way, they never forget. Our mission is to leave lasting impressions based on ideas that transcend the screen.



Services we offer:

1. Concepting

You want to meaningfully connect with your audience or ignite your brand to drive action. And since no two brands are the same, we work hard to learn what you really need. Maybe it’s a commercial for broadcast or a cleaver social media campaign. Our creative strategists define goals, our copywriters and script writers create ideas, and our producers outline budgets. We take the great work you’re already doing to build your name and catapult it forward with thoughtful strategies and compelling, engaging storytelling. To us, it’s the difference between providing a service and solving a problem.

2. Pre-Production

Now that we know what we want to say, we work on how to say it. We get to work storyboarding, location scouting, casting talent, and game-planning lighting and set design. A successful shoot only takes shape with proper planning, and you’re welcome to come along for the ride or sit back and let us do our thing.    

3. Production

There is beauty in authenticity, and on set we work hard to stay in the moment. We execute our shared vision and bring concepts to life with a combined 25 years of video production and photography experience. We can be small and nimble or large and in charge. We work here and across the world over there. Big budgets or small, we hand pick our best people for the job. 

4. Post-Production

This is where the magic happens. Once the visuals have all been captured, our masterful editors weave together your story. We add sound design and a musical score, graphics and animation, color grading and sound design. And if your project doesn’t require filming, we have talented visual effects artists, motion graphic designers and animators, too. In short, the cake is in the oven, the timer just went off and it’s icing time. Mmm. Cake.  

Our team